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College Sports Inc.

Dr. Frank P. Jozsa, Jr., ’63, ‘72G, had his book College Sports Inc.:  How Commercialism Influences Intercollegiate Athletics, published by Springer Company. Jozsa dedicated the book to four former coaches of his including former Indiana State basketball coach Duane Klueh and former ISU baseball coach Paul Wolf, who is now deceased.  The book’s foreword was written, in part, by former Indiana State basketball player and retired NCAA Division I coach Steve Newton.  Alumnus and NCAA Division I basketball coach Don ‘Bacan’ Smith also contributed to the foreword.

Deadly Holiday

Linda Golden, ’73, ‘83G, who writes under the name of Alexa Grace, recently published a third book a trilogy of romance novels.  This edition of the trilogy is entitled Deadly Relations. Her book jacket for her other new novel, Deadly Holiday, features a photograph of Golden’s sister’s home in Indiana. Her book Deadly Relations includes two ISU students Lance Brody and Tiffany Chase.

Presidents from the Prairie State

Dr. Pamela Farris, ’75, ‘77G, ‘80Ph.D., recently authored a book entitled Presidents from the Prairie State: Lincoln, Grant, Reagan, Obama.  The book provides insight into the lives of the four presidents from Illinois, and it published by Mayhaven Publishing of Mahomet, Ill.  Farris is a retired Northern Illinois University faculty member having been a Distinguished Teaching Professor, Emeritus, in literacy education. Currently, she serves as Professor of Literacy at Illinois State University in the School of Teaching and Learning.

Jamy Taylor Whitaker, ’99, who studied English at Indiana State, recently published a book entitled Get REAL: Stop Hiding Behind the Mask.  The book encourages readers to share their real identities with others in their lives.


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  1. Diana says:

    Wow! It’s such an honor to be featured in one’s university magazine. Congratulations, Linda! You do your school proud.

  2. Allyson Brann says:

    The deadly series is absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend picking up a copy! If you love romance and suspense you want be disappointed!

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