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Gerry Dick

President Dan Bradley’s column in this issue of Indiana State University Magazine invites members of the Sycamore family to share what “There’s More to Blue” means to them.  So here goes.

After thinking about my time at ISU and the many changes that have taken place on campus since that time, I am struck by how the campaign really goes beyond a slogan or catch phrase. I can point to numerous ways in which “There’s More to Blue” is a natural connector to ISU’s extraordinary impact.

Here are a few examples:

  • Blue is loyal. Like many, I developed lifelong friendships at Indiana State. When we were young (even before Facebook and Twitter), keeping these relationships was easy. However, with age and appreciation, I have learned to cherish and nurture my friends who are true, blue and ISU.
  • Blue is opportunity. Indiana State prepared me for success. I had opportunities to get practical experience in the fields of broadcasting and journalism and a well-rounded education that positioned me for a career in a field that I love. 
  • Blue is growth. Indiana State has a significant impact on Indiana’s economy.  Each year, the university contributes more than $518 million to the local and state economies. In addition to the university’s own payroll of $109.4 million, Indiana State is responsible for more than $77 million in compensation for indirect jobs related to the institution’s operations. That’s $206.8 million in earnings statewide!
  • Blue is making a difference. More than two-thirds of ISU graduates stay here in Indiana where they teach the next generation, comfort the sick, calculate insurance risks, supervise construction projects and so much more.
  • Blue is you. Every day, in my professional role, I have a chance to interact with other Indiana State graduates or current students who are significantly improving their communities. From those who are starting new businesses, working in the ever-expanding field of health care, or tackling some of our state’s big challenges. The graduates of STATE form the bedrock of the tiniest hamlet to the largest city. 

I learned long ago that “There’s More to Blue” and I am tickled blue to be a Sycamore!

Thank you Indiana State University!


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  1. Mike Alley says:

    Well said, Gerry! ISU Blue lives on!

  2. John Newton says:

    Gerry , I’m tickled blue to be a Sycamore ….great line!

  3. Charles J. Wettrick says:

    Gerry,well said and it is obvious for well ISU prepared you for your career

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