Credits and Contributors

Indiana State University Magazine is produced three times a year through the Division of Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications.  Letters or other communications regarding Indiana State University Magazine may be sent to Tara S. Singer, Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing, Gillum Hall, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN 47809, or

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications
John E. Beacon, GR ‘74

Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Tara S. Singer

Jennifer Sicking, ‘GR11

Austin Arceo
Kimberly Bloch, GR ‘10
Bethany Donat, ’13
Tina Dechausay
Laurel Harper
Patricia Krapesh
Paula Meyer, ‘91
Chris Moore
Dave Taylor
Ted Wilson, GR ‘97

Tony Campbell
Rachel Keyes, ’12

Tracy Ford, ’88, GR ‘05

Special thanks to Noelle Webster, Ann Marie Foote, Noah Ostby, ’97, Brian Miller, ’72, GR ‘76, and Bill White, ’88 of MillerWhite Marketing for their assistance in development of