In Memoriam

Ross Tipton, ‘33

Esther Jones, ’36, Alexandria, Va.

Richard Winn, ’39, Brazil, Ind.

Louise Reichrath, ’40, Rochester, Minn.

Vincent Lamonica, ’41, Elkton, Md.

Mary Archer, ‘44

Margaret Ohm, ’45, Ocean Springs, Miss.

Ward Lear, ’49, Baldwin, Wis.

Darrell Wible, ’49, ’52G, Muncie, Ind.

Richard Worth, ’49, Salina, Kan.

John Hawkins, ’50, Clay City, Ind.

William Rogers, ’50, Charleston, W.Va.

Ithel Shoemaker, ’50, Plainfield, Ind.

M. Jeraldine Baker, ’52, Terre Haute, Ind.

Elizabeth Fisher, ’52, Brentwood, Tenn.

Michael Vass, ’53, Valparaiso, Ind.

Brent Anderson, ’54, Terre Haute, Ind.

Carol Grounds, ’54, Greenwood, Ind.

M. Dale De Planty, ’54, Marshall, Ind.

Marilyn Proctor, ’54, Quarryville, Pa.

Anabel Huggins, ’55, Franklin, Ind.

Walter Wintin, ’55, Seymour, Ind.

Patricia Riley, ’56, Vincennes, Ind.

Jack Snell, ’56, Morocco Ind.

William Bellinger, ’57, Indianapolis, Ind.

Mauri Modesitt, ’58, ’64G, Brazil, Ind.

Robert Mundy, ’58, Red Lodge, Mont.

Rector Smith, ’58, Silver Spring, Md.

Annabeth Kamman, ’59, Indianapolis, Ind.

Mary Hawkins, ’59, Clinton, Ind.

Robert Phillips, ’59, Terre Haute, Ind.

Elizabeth Phipps, ’59, Atlanta, Ga.

Donald Ungurait, ’59, Palm Harbor, Fla.

Frederick Monberg, ’60, Hammond, Ind.

Anthony Boots, ’62, Merrillville, Ind.

Shelly Morgan, ’63, Camby, Ind.

H. Wayne Osburn, ’63, Merom, Ind.

Robert Kavanaugh, ’64, Montgomery, Ind.

Gordon Sides, ’64, Bettendorf, Iowa

George Von Spreckelsen, ’64, Terre Haute, Ind.

Patricia Von Spreckelsen, ’64, Terre Haute, Ind.

Edwin Stewart, ’64, Sarasota, Fla.

Carolyn Hardebeck, ’65, Valparaiso, Ind.

Ada Kukurisas, ’65, Brazil, Ind.

Dorothy McLaughlin, ’65

James Shields, ’65, Evansville, Ind.

Janice Young, ’65, Indianapolis, Ind.

Norma Linback, ’66, Rockledge, Fla.

Michael Packard, ’66, Carmel, Ind.

Loretha Phillips, ’67, Elkhart, Ind.

Martha Berg, ’68, North Aurora, Ill.

Nancy Livengood, ’68, Terre Haute, Ind.

Joyce Behymer-White, ’69, Amo, Ind.

Judy McMasters, ’69, Bay Village, Ohio

Richard Thompson, ’69, Simpsonville, S.C.

Dennis Bartlow, ’70, Danville, Ill.

James Marks, ’70, Dyer, Ind.

Ralph Norman, ’70, Danville, Ind.

Michael Waldman, ’70, Westfield, Ind.

Lawrence Fries, ’71, Saint Charles, Mo.

Khamis Kassissieh, ’71, Bloomington, Ind.

Robert Romain, ’71, Evansville, Ind.

Joann Stewart, ’72, Terre Haute, Ind.

Aaron Anderson, ’73, Indianapolis, Ind.

Karen Ingram, ’73, Gary, Ind.

Janet Schoppel, ’73, Chicago, Ill.

Sally Raines, ’74, Fort Mill, S.C.

Kathy Steinhart, ’75, Indianapolis, Ind.

John Haley, ’76, Terre Haute, Ind.

Maryalyce McDavid, ’76, Terre Haute, Ind.

Mary Huffmaster, ’77, Canton, Mich.

James Owens, ’77, Indianapolis, Ind.

Thomas Zembala, ’77, Highland, Ind.

Gordon Brewer, ’79, Greensboro, N.C.

Imogene Phillips, ’79, Clinton Ind.

Cynthis Tevlin, ’80, Terre Haute, Ind.

Gene Dirker, ’81, Terre Haute, Ind.

Kelly Lackey, ’82, Harrison, Tenn.

Eric Kriebel, ’83, Anderson, Ind.

Thomas Long, ’84, Indianapolis, Ind.

Jeffrey Parkinson, ’86, Paris, Ill.

Robert Wright, ’87, Terre Haute, Ind.

Terry Bennett, ’88, Clinton, Ind.

Brent Wheeler, ’88, Paris, Ill.

Chad Everett, ’89, Burlington, Ky.

Kevin Gower, ’90, Indianapolis, Ind.

Bradley Van Handel, ’92, Appleton, Wis.

Michael Robertson, ’93, Terre Haute, Ind.

Daniel Fear, ’97, Columbus, Ind.

Michael Shea, ’98, Greenwood, Ind.

Kyle Bruner, ’06, San Francisco, Calif.

Roman Mierzejewski


Faculty, Staff, Former Students, Current Students, and Friends
Michelle Bowser, Keller, Texas

Harold Boyd, Terre Haute, Ind.

Faye Bruno, Redondo Beach, Fla.

Deneta Campbell, Brazil, Ind.

Ora Chambers, Tavares, Fla.

Roger Chiabai, Merrillville, Ind.

Elizabeth Dailey, Westminster, Calif.

Catherine Everly, Ind.

Helen Fehribach, Jasper, Ind.

Jeanne Frett, Florrisant, Mo.

Marilyn Glick, Indianapolis, Ind.

William Griffith, Groves, Texas.

Norma Grosjean, Terre Haute, Ind.

Barbara Hilton, Newburgh, Ind.

Cynthia Howard, Louisville, Ky.

William Kaiser, Chicago, Ill.

Jeanne Knoerle

Will Koch, Santa Claus, Ind.

Ralph Livengood, Terre Haute, Ind.

Terry MacDonald, Union City, Mich.

Gwendolyn MacDonald, Brandon, Fla.

Virginia McClain, Anderson Ind.

Harold Needham, Terre Haute, Ind.

M. Suzanne Overman, Brownsburg, Ind.

Victor Pickens

Doris Pirtle, Flora, Ind.

Jerry Phillips, Tucson, Ariz.

Dale Raines, Orland Park, Ill.

Marietta Renfrow, Frankfort, Ind.

Miriam Rice, Warren, Ind.

Herbet Shaffner, Marshall, Ill.

Gehl Sides, Evansville, Ind.

Douglass Snyder, Ormond Beach, Fla.

Maxwell Sparks, Chicago, Ill.

Charles Stewart, W. Va.

Leah Tipton, Orland Park, Ill.

John Trimpe, Vero Beach, Fla.

James Von Kannon, Macomb, Ill.

Kenneth Wells


Johnny Shipman

Remembering Johnny Shipman

From the moment Johnny Shipman dropped the green flag, at the inaugural Sycamore Tricycle Derby in 1963 he knew it was something special.

“I will always remember Johnny in his signature white suit with the USAC shield and his flag set at the very first trike race,” said Michael Simmons, one of the race founders.  “He added visual as well as emotional support to all the first timers.”

That support extended to generations of riders and race organizers. A longtime official at both the trike and tandem races since 1963, Shipman passed away on April 23, at the age of 96.

That was less than two weeks after making his annual appearance at Indiana State’s tandem race, where he saluted race winners Air Force ROTC. Of all the victories he witnessed, this one was special and hit close to home. Shipman served active duty in the Air Force for more than 20 years, retiring in 1965. That marked the first time Air Force ROTC won the tandem race and Shipman couldn’t have been prouder.

Shipman celebrated the 50th running of Indiana State’s trike race in October 2012 alongside race founders Simmons, Debbie Hulman Bareford, Tom Bareford and many former riders and coaches. As former riders, coaches and race organizers reminisced about past races, just about everyone had a Shipman story to tell.

“When I called Johnny on the telephone to ask him to flag the first (trike) race, he said “Oh sure I will.” Little did I know the race would become ingrained into his family. It’s so wonderful to have four generations of the Shipman family associated with Trike,” said Hulman Bareford.

“My friendship with Johnny goes back 55 plus years,” remembered Bareford. “He was a flagman for the Indianapolis 500 and the Action Track in Terre Haute.  I worked at the Action Track selling tickets and that is where I met Johnny. We would always have conversations before and after the races. He was one great man.”

Johnny, who retired in 1995 as race director for trike, passed the flags to his son, Billy who later trained his nephew, Tanner, a senior at Terre Haute North High School.

“The fact that he stayed involved and introduced his family to Trike validates his lifelong support of us at Indiana State,” Simmons said. “Johnny exemplified what a non-graduate of Indiana State can do to support our University.  He will be missed and the 51st running on Oct. 4. But we will have our own guardian angel overseeing the race.”

Gifts in memory of Johnny Shipman can be mailed to the ISU Foundation or made online by visiting Please designate the gift to go to the Trike/ Tandem Fund in memory of Johnny Shipman.